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We ensure life continues uninterrupted 

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About Us

Our lives at home revolve around the domestic helpers. We ensure that your household work gets done, always. Finding a new maid
or finding a substitute when your maids are on leave, we fulfill all needs.




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Why choose us

Reliable & Professional

KaamEzy is not an agency, but a young startup run by passionate entrepreneurs

Unique services

India’s first company to provide replacement when a domestic helper takes a leave


You get what you pay for. NO HIDDEN CHARGES

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24*7 WhatsApp support to solve your issues

Our Reputation is Immaculate 

  • How does KaamEzy work?
    1. KaamEzy acts as a seamless interface between you and the domestic helper. We understand your requirements in terms of work, time and budget and find a helper (like maid, cook, nanny etc.) 2. Based on your preference, we arrange a telephonic call or in person meeting with the helper so that you can finalise your preference. 3. In case of a new maid, we also offer a trial period of 3 days, post which you can decide if you wish to finalise the maid or not
  • What are the general terms and conditions?
  • What is the salary for the new domestic helper?
    Negotiations for the salary are between you and the domestic helper. You just need to inform us once you mutually decide the same with the domestic helper.
  • What are the charges for finding a new domestic helper?
    We charge a one-tme nominal fee equivalent to ½ month’s salary for finding a new domestic helper.
  • What if I am dissatisfied with the performance of the domestic helper that you send?
    We offer a paid trial period of 3 days so that you and the domestic helper both have comfort with each other, and the quality of work. In case any of you are dissatisfied with the trial period, we will find a replacement domestic helper. We will charge the discovery fees (½ month’s salary) only once both parties are satisfied.
  • Do you offer any guarantee for the domestic helper?
    We offer a 60 day replacement guarantee. For any reason, you wish to change the maid, we will find a replacement maid for you. No questions asked
  • What is the typical replacement cost?
    Replacement costs vary from 1.5x to 2x of the current rates for the chores. For example, if the current rate for washing utensils is Rs. 50/day, the replacement will cost between Rs. 75 to Rs. 100
  • What are the charges?
    We charge a nominal fee of 10% with a minimum of Rs. 49/-. For example, if you want a replacement for 5 days and the total cost of the maid is Rs. 600, we will charge Rs. 60, so a total of Rs 660/-
  • How many replacement days of leave per month will I get?
    There is no upper limit to the number of replacement days KaamEzy provides.
  • Do you provide replacement for longer duration leaves (e.g. festive leaves, hometown vacations, etc.)?
    Currently, KaamEzy provides replacement of domestic helper for 1-30 days
  • Are the replacement domestic helper from KaamEzy reliable?
    Every KaamEzy helper goes through a thorough background check using their Aadhar details. They are only sent to your homes after a successful vetting process.

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